Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inspiration Boards!

     Oftentimes, when you are first starting to plan your wedding, it is a good idea to have an inspiration board or book of ideas that you like!  With new technology and sites such as or, it makes compiling photos of your favorite dresses, colors, flowers, and sites easy, but you can always go the old fashioned way as well.  While you are flipping through your magazines full of beautiful brides, bright colors, and magnificent wedding venues, cut out the pictures that you like or that inspire you and glue (or tape) them into a notebook that you've set aside for wedding planning!  Here are a few examples of my own Wedding Notebook:

     I included some ceremony site ideas I liked, as well as dresses I was fond of.

     I also included pictures of certain color ideas I liked or bridesmaid dress styles.

     Last, I included pictures of happy couples or inspiring words that I particularly liked.  You can include whatever inspires you for your wedding!  Happy planning! :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Wedding Dresses, Now Featuring: Kleinfelds!

     For those of you newly engaged brides-to be, you are probably starting to search for that perfect wedding dress, the one that will make you cry when you know it's the one, and the one that your future husband will not be able to take his eyes off you while you are wearing it!  It's the dress that will take the breath away from every single one of your guests when you walk down the aisle.  But where do you start looking for that perfect dress!?!  Although there are great bridal shops across the country, (and I will try to feature various ones at different times on this blog) I want to start with one that is well-known to all, Kleinfelds in New York City.  You may know of Kleinfelds from the popular TLC show, "Say Yes to the Dress."  Today, we'll look at some of their bridal dresses in various styles to help you decide what you like best!


A-Line Gowns
     These gowns can come in a variety of styles from strapless to halter to spaghetti straps.  Here are some examples of A-Line Gowns:

Above: Henry Roth dress                                         Above: Monique Lhuiller dress
Below: LaRichi dress                                               Below: Monique Lhuiller dress

     These gowns are the ones that you think of when you think of a princess getting married; full skirt and usually fairly poofy.  Here are some examples of Ballgowns:

Above: Eve of Milady dress                                         Above: Pnina Tornai dress
Below: Anne Barge dress                                            Below: Henry Roth dress

Mermaid Gowns
     These gowns fit your body like a glove and then flare out a bit at the bottom.  Here are some examples of Mermaid gowns:

Above: Alita Graham gown                                          Above: Jim Hjelm gown
Below: Pnina Tornai gown                                            Below: Romona Keveza gown

Sheath Gowns
     These gowns are fairly flowly, meaning the lighter material can look beautiful for a beach wedding!  Here are some examples of Sheath gowns:

Above: Alita Graham gown                                      Above: Claire Pettibone gown
Below: Elizabeth Fillmore gown                               Below: Pnina Tornai gown

Tea Length Gowns
     Although not quite as popular as floor-length gowns, tea length gowns are a great alternative for brides who may be concerned with tripping over a long dress when dancing.  Here are a few examples:

Above: Stephanie James gown                                  Above: Matthew Christopher gown

     Hopefully, all these dress examples have been helpful to you in finding what styles of dresses you like!  The credit of the designer is given above/below each photograph.  All of these dresses were found on Kleinfeld's Bridal website at .  Please check out their website, as well as the designers' websites for more information.  Happy shopping!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wedding Toppers!

      Hello again!  Today's post is concerning a seemingly small detail, but it is something that can totally add a lot of extra style and personality to your wedding!  The wedding cake topper can really show off the personality of both you and your future husband (or wife for the men reading this blog).  By carefully picking one that fits with your wedding style, you can really showcase yourself!

     Here's a few examples of wedding cake toppers and where to find them!

Traditional Cake Toppers:

Romantic Cake Toppers:
Funny Cake Toppers:

Monogramed Cake Toppers:

Non-Traditional Cake Toppers:

     There are so many wonderful cake toppers on the Wedding Star website where they sell a lot of wedding toppers, favors, gifts, bridal accessories and more.  The website is which is where all of these pictures came from.  Hopefully you will get some ideas from these pictures and will be able to find one that perfectly fits your personality and style!