Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inspiration Boards!

     Oftentimes, when you are first starting to plan your wedding, it is a good idea to have an inspiration board or book of ideas that you like!  With new technology and sites such as or, it makes compiling photos of your favorite dresses, colors, flowers, and sites easy, but you can always go the old fashioned way as well.  While you are flipping through your magazines full of beautiful brides, bright colors, and magnificent wedding venues, cut out the pictures that you like or that inspire you and glue (or tape) them into a notebook that you've set aside for wedding planning!  Here are a few examples of my own Wedding Notebook:

     I included some ceremony site ideas I liked, as well as dresses I was fond of.

     I also included pictures of certain color ideas I liked or bridesmaid dress styles.

     Last, I included pictures of happy couples or inspiring words that I particularly liked.  You can include whatever inspires you for your wedding!  Happy planning! :)

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