Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Falling in Love with Fall!

     Happy first days of October!!  I will be honest, October is my favorite month of the entire year!  Maybe I'm a little biased since my birthday is this month, but I just love all the beautiful fall colors with the changing leaves, the switch from shorts and flip-flops into jeans and boots, and curling up with a warm blanket and nice cup of tea!  I also think that October can be a beautiful month for weddings, especially when you play off of the colors that are already a part of fall!

     For fall weddings, I love the idea of rich colors, whether more regal like deep purples and golds or more earthy like rustic oranges and reds.  Whatever your color combination, I think it's great when you can play off the colors of the season, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding!  Especially here in Colorado, we all know that snow can hit at the most unexpected times, but the colors of fall do stick around for quite awhile, especially in October.

     At the wedding venue I work for, we had some beautiful centerpieces that were quite creative and played off of some of those fall colors I've been talking about.  On a copper plate, they had a couple different bottles.  The first was a clear bottle with the bottom cut out of it.  These they filled with wine corks because they were big wine drinkers.  You have the potential to fill this with other things that mean a lot to you such as strips of sheet music (for a musical couple), ticket stubs (if you enjoy going to movies or concerts), or even mini basketballs/footballs/baseballs (for the sportsfans).  They also made beautiful candleholders out of wine bottles that they then cut down to various heights.  The rich greenish color of the bottles let a little bit of light through from the LED light candles they placed inside.  They filled each bottle with a littl bit of sand, too, to help hold the candle in place.  These candleholder bottles were wrapped in a copper-colored ribbon with a tiny piece of robin egg blue ribbon on top to add a pretty pop of color.  They also had a tiny vase of flowers to add some color and greenery to the tables.  They looked simply gorgeous on the tables!  Take a look!!  Are you having a Fall wedding?  What will your centerpieces look like or what are your colors?  Hopefully this helps in your continued planning of your fall wedding!  More ideas and tips will be posted next week!!  Happy planning!! :)

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