Monday, March 5, 2012

Centerpiece Ideas!

     Wow!  It's been such a long time since my last wedding post!  As the season of weddings seems to slow down in the wintertime, the frequency of my posts has slowed down as well, but as we move into the busy seasons of Spring and Summer, expect more updates!
     Today, I want to point out a couple of really cool centerpiece ideas!  Although there are many styles to choose from depending on the vibe of your wedding and how personal you want to make your centerpieces, here are a few ideas for starters!

This centerpiece uses tall vases filled with water and some sort of vine-y flower (orchids look pretty) with a beautiful pomander on top.  These can be altered to fit your color scheme (I've seen blue orchids in the water with purple pomanders on top to fit the colors of a certain wedding).  This seems to create a very elegant look.

This centerpiece uses smaller vases than the first one filled with water and whatever type of florwer you want (roses, orchids, etc.) depending on your color scheme or if you are trying to match certain blooms from your own bouquet.  These ones feature candles on top as well as surrounding it to create a more romantic glow.
These centerpieces would be perfect for a garden wedding!  They are filled with lime slices in mason jars wrapped with burlap and tied with a ribbon and then filled with daffodils.  Again, you could substitute the daffodils for a different flower and could even use orange, lemon, or grapefruit slices to add a different color to the bottom of the jars as well!

If you aren't as into flowers, these centerpieces would be perfect!  They use a lantern as the centerpiece with a candle in the center, surrounded by votive candles.  The candlelight can really cast a beautiful glow at an evening wedding!  To add a little color, you could tie a ribbon around the top or sit the lantern on some greenery.

This centerpiece employs the use of not only mason jars wrapped in lace (for a romantic feel to a garden wedding) and flowers that look freshly picked from the garden, but also sits upon books for a feel that reflects the couple's love of reading.  This adds a personal touch to a centerpiece that guests will find quite fun!  It also helps to add height to the centerpieces which could otherwise feel lost on a large table.

     Hopefully those centerpieces will give you a jump start when thinking about your own beautiful wedding centerpieces!  Most importantly, pick something that you love and your guests will love it as well!  Happy planning!

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