Monday, March 19, 2012

Symbolic Flower Meanings for your Bouquet!

     Have you ever wondered what the flowers in your bouquet symbolize?  Or maybe you want to choose specific flowers to fit the mood or symbolizm you want conveyed in your wedding.  Here are some common flowers used in weddings as well as their symbolic meanings!

1.  Baby's Breath = Innocence.
     Oftentimes, this can be used as a filler in bouquets, corsages, or bouttoniers

2.  Carnations = Boldness (pink carnations), Love (red carnations), or Talent (white carnations)
     These can be used in bouquets, boutonniers, or arrangements

3.  Hydrangea = Understanding
     Use these in bouquets or arrangments.  Because they are bigger, they take up more room (and can be cost effective) when you use them!

4.  Lily = Majesty, Truth, and Honor
     These are often used in bouquets or in arrangements.

5.  Orchids = Love and Beauty
     These can be used in bouquets, although they are more oftentimes used in boutonniers, corsages, or table arrangements.

6.  Peony = Bashfulness, the American spirit of Ambition, and Determination
     Most often, these are used in table arrangements and, like the hydrangeas, they can be cost effective because you need less of them to fill a vase.

7.  Rose = Love, Joy, and Beauty  (each color can also symbolize something different)
     Use these in bouquets, corsages, boutonniers, or arrangements.

8.  Sunflowers = Adoration (short stem) or Haughtiness (long stem)
     These can be used in bouquets, but are more oftentimes used as a single stem down the aisle, potted, or in table arrangements.

Hopefully you can incorporate some of these symbolic  flowers into your wedding!  Happy planning! :)

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