Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Something Old, Something New...

Hello again and happy wedding planning! :)  Today's post concerns something that many brides feel is necessary in their weddings, the sentimental tradition of having something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue incorporated into their wedding!  Here are some ideas of how to incorporate all of these into your wedding, even if your wedding colors aren't blue!

This tradition stems from an Old English rhyme and traditionally, these objects that the bride carries with her on her big day are good luck charms.  Something old represents a continuation of life, something new represents optimism for the future, something borrowed represents happiness that is borrowed from another, and something blue represents purity, fidelity, and love.  Here are some examples!

Something Old

     Usually, these tokens originate from the brides's mother, grandmother, or mother of the groom, but they can come from anyone!  Some examples would be:
-A piece of antique jewelry to be worn
-A vintage dress passed down from someone married before
-A piece of lace wrapped around the bouquet

Something New
     Finding something new to use is usually the easiest part because so many of the items a bride has are newly bought!  Some examples are:
-The wedding dress
-New shoes
-The veil
-A hairpin or hairpiece

Something Borrowed
     Usually, these borrowed items come from a very dear friend or close family member, but like the tokens in something old, they can come from anyone!  Some examples would be:
-Expensive jewelry that could not be purchased on your own
-A purse
-Some sort of hairpiece
-Or just about any object that still belongs to someone else

Something Blue
     This is a tiny piece of blue that is incorporated into another item of the wedding.  If your wedding colors involve blue, it makes it easy, but there are many subtle ways to tie it in.  Here are some examples:
-A blue ribbon on the garter
-A handkerchief with blue
-A blue ribbon tied around the bouquet
-Earrings with a hint of blue
-Blue shoes (could be hidden by dress length)

Hopefully these help aid you in the discovery of your tokens that are sentimental to you for your wedding!  Best of luck! :)

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