Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Color Combinations for the Seasons!

Hello everyone!  As you begin deciding on your venue and other details for your wedding, one of the major decisions you must make is what are your wedding colors going to be?  This can be a big decision since it can really set the tone for your wedding and will be included in every part, from the flowers to the dresses to the table decor.  Here, I've listed some popular color combinations by season, although there are many more combinations and the colors don't necessarily have to stay within the season they are listed.  This is just a way to get you started!

WINTER--In Winter, you can really play off of deeper colors.  Because of the snow (or colder weather if you are in an area that does not get snow), your ceremony and reception may feel more intimate and warm when you use deeper colors.  Here are some ideas:
Crimson Red and Silver

Sky Blue and Lavender Purple

Baby Pink and Black

SPRING--In Spring, there are always new flowers blooming and the start of buds on the trees again.  With this, you can play off of those colors and use lighter colors that complement those new buds and greenery.  Here are some ideas:

Sunshine Yellow and Rose Pink

Apple Green and Violet Purple

Rose Pink and Navy Blue

SUMMER--In Summer, this is obviously the most popular time to get married because of the warm weather.  You can play off of those fun, warmer colors.  Usually, summertime has more vibrant colors than some of the other seasons.  Here are some ideas:
Sunshine Yellow and Sky Blue

Lavender Purple and Silver

Apple Green and Sunshine Yellow

FALL--In Fall, the leaves are changing to beautiful, rich colors.  Play off of those fall leaves with rich colors that complement rather than compete with the natural beauty of fall.  Here are some ideas:

Violet Purple and Crimson Red

Pumpkin Orange and Violet Purple

 Crimson Red and Golden Yellow

Hopefully, those colors can help to get you started in your search to find your perfect wedding colors!  Have other wonderful ideas you want to share?  Leave a comment below with your ideal wedding colors! 

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