Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Emergency Bridal Kit!

      Hello again!  Superman or Superwoman are the superheros that you sometimes wish were always at your side during your wedding planning so that they could solve all of the little snags or problems that might arise during the planning, the ceremony, or even the reception.  Since you can't have these superheros with you wherever you go, instead a bride can be prepared by carrying an emergency kit with all the essentials to fix anything from bad breath to a torn hem.

Here's what this kit should include:
          -Needles and pins (including safety pins)
          -Thread in various colors (white, offwhite, black, etc)
          -Buttons and snaps
          -Mini scissors
          -Instant Bond double sided fabric tape (to fix fallen hems at a moments' notice)
          -Krazy glue
          -Tylonel (or Aspirin)
          -Breath mints
          -Heel liners (to stop shoes from hurting)

      If you're really feeling creative, here's a fun way to make these emergency clutches out of potholders!  This could make a great gift for your bridesmaids as well!  Enjoy your crafting and having a superhero, er... emergency kit by your side!

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