Monday, December 5, 2011

Questions to Ask Venues!

          Congratulations!  You are engaged!  This is one of the most exciting times in your life, but if this is the first wedding you have ever been involved in planning, it can be a bit overwhelming!  You may not know exactly where to start.  One of the best places to start can be looking at wedding venues and deciding where and when you want to have your wedding!

          But what do you ask the venues that you visit?  How can you know you are getting the best deal?  Here are some tips on questions to ask venues and what you should look out for!

1.  Are there taxes on top of everything or is it simple the set price?
          -Some venues don't include taxes in the initial price that they quote you which can end up being a big, added cost on top of everything else you are already paying.  Make sure to take taxes into account in your budget plan.

2.  Is there a cake cutting fee?
          -Oftentimes, venues have a certain fee per slice per person that they charge you, simply to cut your wedding cake.  Again, this fee can quickly add up and cost you a lot of extra money, especially if you are trying to save money!

3.  What is your per person overage fee?
          -Many venues will base their costs around a certain number of guests (usually around 100, but it can vary depending on the venue's size).  They will then give you an estimate based on that number of guests and then will charge an extra cost per person above that.  Make sure that you get the full amount estimated before you make a decision on the venue!

4.  If you are in the military, ask if they have military discounts!
          -This may sound like a simple question, but some venues will offer at least a 5% discount for couples who are or have been in the military which can help save you money!

5.  Do you have a liquor license?
          -If they do, they will make you purchase your liquor through them.  You can also have a cash bar if this is the case.
          -If they do not have one, you can purchase your liquor elsewhere and bring it in, which might save money.  You cannot have a cash bar in this case, though.

          Well, there you have it!  I know that those are only a couple questions, but they are ones that people normally don't think to ask, but they are important in the long run.  Hopefully they help you out in your search for the perfect venue for your wedding!  Most importantly, enjoy this process as you plan your perfect wedding!  Happiness and luck to you all!


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