Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Table Number Ideas!

         Today is just another day closer to your wedding day!  As you move closer to the big day, you may be thinking about the more specific details of your wedding, and that's where this post comes into play!  Although many people choose not to do an exact seating chart, many still do opt to have table numbers and have their guests assigned to specific tables, even if they get to choose their actual seats at the table.

          Instead of simply having a table number, though, there are much more creative ways to help guests find their tables.  Here are just a few examples of things you can name your tables instead of naming them by number!

1.  Favorite Restaurants of the two of you
All' Acqua Al 2 in Washington DC

2.  Your Hometown Streets

Princess Street in Alexandria, VA

3.  Photos of the Two of You (from when you were dating or even of your engagement photos)

Estes Park, CO

4.  Sports Teams (College or Professional)

Colorado State University Football

5.  Constellations
Greeley, CO

6.  Ski or Snowboard Trails

Eldora, CO

7.  Charities that mean something to the two of you

World Vision- Sponsoring a Child

8.  Famous Novels
Harry Potter series

9.  Classic TV Characters

Charlie Brown

10.  Famous Movie Stars (or Singers or Musicians or Dancers, etc.)
Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz

        There are many more ways you can spice up your table numbers, but those are just a few that might spark more ideas for you, depending on your interests and personalities!  Enjoy creating the wedding of your dreams!

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